A full range of packaging consumables

As packaging consultants, we will review your whole operation including packaging consumables. So rather than just looking at your packaging design, we will also examine the materials & tools used on your packing line, how these might be improved, how much you will need and how often.

We stock a wide range of consumables and customers can purchase them as & when required, or they can be supplied on a regular basis along with your packaging.

Our range is extensive, the product categories are illustrated below.

To book a FREE packaging review and find out how you could save on materials, tools and labour, or to get a full list of our products please get in touch.

Tapes & Dispensers

Tape dispensers & tapes including: PP, HM, Vinyl, printed tapes, coloured tapes, WAT gummed tape and floor tapes


Hand stretch wrap - blown, cast and pre-stretch, Machine pallet wrap - PPS and core break, in various microns.


A range of strapping machines and various tapes, including PP, PE and woven

Bubble Wrap

A wide variety of bubble wrap with different size bubbles, anti-static bubble wrap and bubble bags


Various foam products supplied on rolls, in sheets, or stratocell structured foam. Bespoke design available.

Poly Products

Poly bags and other poly products: lay flat tubing, poly shrink film, pallet top covers and poly sheeting

Mailing Bags

A wide range Bubble bags, padded bags and postal bags in white and buff

Tools & Machinery

Strapping tools, tape dispensers, cardboard shredders, pallet wrappers, case sealers and many more.

Mailroom Essentials

A full range of labels, tape guns, staplers, glue, safety knives, docs enclosed, scissors

Janitorial Products

Everything you need to keep your packing line clean: wiper roll, refuse sacks, latex gloves, toilet roll

Void Fill & Protection

Solutions to protect your product including: Air bags, paper void, foam in place, edge boards, noma foam and vermiculite


Wooden, plastic, presswood and corrugated pallets. Pallet exchange service available.