Westbury Packaging takes all health risks seriously, always. Naturally, the current situation regarding COVID-19 calls for even higher standards of cleanliness, risk reduction and communication with staff, customers and suppliers alike.

Our primary responsibility is to our staff and their families, our customers and their families and our suppliers and their families.

We have adopted the following policies and procedures for the foreseeable future:

  • Staff that can fulfil their duties offsite will work from home. Our telephone and IT systems mean that you don’t need to change your method of communication with us.
  • All non-essential visits to our site have been postponed
  • All non-essential visits to other sites have been postponed
  • All drivers are following a procedure that will retain social distancing (a copy of this will be issued alongside this statement).
  • All visiting drivers will be required to follow procedures (a copy of this will be issued alongside this statement)
  • All staff will be following strict hygiene policies and will have daily temperature checks to enable us to spot early warning signs
  • Strict cleaning regimes are in force and extra cleaning procedures are in place on a 2 hourly basis whilst the site is open.

We are aware of the overall concerns about the current situation, but we are working with our staff, suppliers and customers to ensure continued delivery of a high-quality product and high level of service. At present we have no reason to believe that our supply chain will not continue to provide this and are in regular contact with all suppliers to look for any reason that things may change.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Team Westbury