A forced semi-closure of the high street in 2020 meant that online shopping saw extraordinary levels of growth. According to the Office for National Statistics internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales leapt to 27.9% in 2020, compared to 19.2% in 2019.

This change in shopping habits might be here to stay. A number of studies have shown that almost half of UK shoppers expect to shop online more regularly in the future. Lockdown restrictions have also affected purchasing habits – school closures have resulted in increased sales of sandwich fillings. A Kantar report showed that sales of chocolate spread were up 42% in January 2021 and peanut butter increased by 39% in the same period. If that’s your market, then we need to help you get a part of that share! A UK industry report written by NOA states that eCommerce packaging now represents 7.5% of the total UK cardboard market and demand is growing at a phenomenal 9.4% each year.

Manufacturers and retailers had to adapt rapidly. Companies that had built up loyal customers had to find a way to retain and grow their customer base. Online stores were quickly rolled out and product packaging needed reviewing. Packaging that was suitable for in-store sales was not necessarily suitable for online sales.

This brought about some challenges; the main ones we heard were:

  • How do I avoid excess packaging? My customers don’t like waste and are openly vocal about their opinions, so I can’t get it wrong.
  • How do I prevent my products being damaged in transit? My reputation can be lost in an instant if my products aren’t delivered 100% intact.
  • How do I handle returns? My customers need to be able to easily return the products, should they need to.
  • Can I use the same packaging for online and in-store sales? My budget won’t cope with purchasing two types of packaging.

We’ve worked through these challenges (and more!) with all types of companies, from start-ups right through to multinational organisations. The resulting packaging has helped these companies grow their businesses alongside their reputations. We’ve helped these companies carve their niche with some great branding and storytelling features – don’t forget that today’s consumers are extremely interested in the ethics behind the brand. Make your packaging part of your product – curious to find out how?

Let’s have a chat to hear more about your products and your customers, so we can design something that makes your products sing!