Efficient, reliable cardboard packaging manufacture

Sending a job off to production can sometimes feel like standing on the edge of a cliff. Not with Westbury: with our streamlined and efficient job production you can be reassured that we’ll apply a best practice approach to every element of our cardboard packaging manufacture.

As a result of continual investment, our highly-skilled operators are proud to be working with the most modern of energy-efficient, automated production machinery. Our varied machines enable inline printing of up to 4 colours on the outside and 1 colour on the inside, die cutting, gluing and stitching.

Automation is the name of the game at Westbury Packaging. Reduced manual handling with robots and other machinery allows us to have a smooth running production facility, with all these benefits:

  • Quality focus – enhanced automated processes enable operators to focus on quality consistency.
  • Order turnaround – faster throughput of your orders due to more efficient processes.
  • Greater consistency – less manual handling ensures a steady flow of product accuracy.
  • Environmentally friendly – design and production efficiencies potentially reduce waste and run times.
  • Cost reduction – through automation we can simplify the overall process of manufacturing your product and therefore forward any cost benefits.

We can accommodate the smallest sizes through to the largest with no minimum or maximum run and produce according to demand on a just-in-time basis.

Our production scheduling system allows us to tell customers exactly when their job will be ready and our bar coding system can pinpoint your job anywhere on the production line, warehouse or delivery fleet. No cliff edges in sight.

How it works

Five Colour Printing

Printing your packaging can help you achieve great things. First impressions really do count (find out why here) and we want your brand to be prominent from the moment it arrives with your customer. Our latest investment is a 4 colour external, 1 colour internal wide-format press which delivers outstanding quality, and at speed.


Our Eterna die-cutter coupled with our sophisticated CAD software enables us to create a totally bespoke, excellent quality product. No matter how complicated your design, our competent die-cutting machines have got it covered, producing clean cuts with precision waste removal, and resulting in easy-to-assemble, perfect boxes.

Multi-Point Gluing

This technology enables many types of packaging to be delivered to you flat but pre-glued. Saving you time on your production line, we can administer multi-points of glue so the boxes are ready to build and fill.


Bringing it all together with effortless efficiency, our high-strength corrugated box stitching machines ensure the product is finished to achieve maximum strength and durability.