Dust Reducing Doors

As we strive to obtain our BRC Packaging Certification over the coming months, hygiene and clean working will be key to our continued success.

This globally recognised Packaging Safety Standard looks “to implement effective systems and procedures to ensure the quality of packaging for food and non-food use.”

As with all cardboard or paper-based production, dust produced by the raw material during recycling and other handling processes, coupled with dirt from external sources can cause plenty of problems.

At Westbury, protecting our manufacturing area and finished stock from all of these elements is a key objective for us.

Already huge improvements are in progress with new automatic speedy doors installed this year, which have not only helped to keep our customers’ stock in perfect condition but have also helped the environment in reducing our energy use. A simple win-win solution.

Continuing to keep dust to a minimum, we have also had our Warehouse floor painted in a chemical resistant, non-slip product, completely transforming the area. The floor paint will be applied to the production side of the factory in due course. This again demonstrates our full commitment to improving our site for a cleaner future.

More BRC introductions will continually emerge and a newly updated quarantine area has very recently been installed. This is a requirement we already comply with through our ISO accreditation but are further developing to fully embrace our BRC obligations. The quarantine area is sectioned off from the warehouse area – a large storage cage will segregate any products for which there may be a doubt about the integrity, keeping it safe and sound while it waits for QC inspection.

Finally, we are implementing new and updating old internal policies and procedures daily to ensure that we stay in control of our organisation, thereby keeping ourselves in a strong position to gain the BRC Packaging Certification next year.