Westbury Packaging is put to the challenge on shelf-ready, fine food packaging for retail.

Key benefits:
  • Innovative design for retail leading to a significant increase in sales
  • High quality range of packaging
  • Brand consistency
  • Flexible seasonal supply
  • Responsive account management


Westbury Packaging has been designing & manufacturing packaging for Godminster since 2009.

Godminster produces a range of cheeses, crackers, chutneys and infused vodkas inspired by their organic farm in Bruton, Somerset. Their products are sold directly to the consumer online and through various specialist retailers around the country.


The brief

In 2013, one of Godminster’s more prestigious stockists asked for their products to be more visible within the box to suit the deluxe retail environment and so the customer could see what they were buying.

Godminster challenged Westbury to come up with a suitable improvement to their packaging. Presentation of the box, brand consistency and the layout of products inside were all of the utmost importance. Durability and strength of the box continued to be paramount as these boxes would also be used for mail order.

Given that Godminster’s business is very seasonal with about 60% of business coming in the 3rd quarter in the lead up to Christmas, flexibility of manufacture and supply were also important to take into account.

The solution

Bespoke design & manufacture

Westbury Packaging were already producing boxes for Godminster – the majority of the designs were branded, 1 colour, die cut boxes that held the various products securely but the products were unable to be displayed once the box was closed.

For this brief, the outer box design was adapted to include a large acetate sleeve or window which showcases the products, yet ensures they are still well protected and tamper proof. For durability, a longer cardboard sleeve slides over the box and has lock-in corners on both ends to secure it for transit and mail order and provide a crush barrier.

A board grade change was also made moving from B flute to E flute to ensure better print quality and a smarter, crisper box. The designs were all slightly different to accommodate the different variety of products going inside the boxes. One design included an outer box with 2 different inserts which enabled Godminster to hold less box types in stock and buy in larger quantities to reduce their expenditure. The designs were well received by the client and immediately used.


Other fine details are included on some of these boxes – such as instructions on the back for how to make a Bloody Mary – adding value to an already high quality product.

Godminster’s Jessica Kimber-Holloway, Production & Technical Manager, is pleased with the packaging range they have established together. She says,

“Westbury’s design is very good. The boxes are always very well designed for the purpose.”

Crucially, these new designs have been a great success in-store, significantly increasing sales.

Flexible supply, responsive service

In terms of supply, Westbury Packaging also provide great service. Godminster supply a forecast to Westbury on a regular basis and they work to that. But because consumer demand doesn’t always follow a forecast, sometimes Godminster need to call on Westbury with little notice.

“We hold stock here but it can be a quick turnaround, it depends on the time of year as we are a very seasonal business,” Jessica explains. “Westbury are responsive and good at reacting if we’re in a sticky situation. We have a good relationship and they are always very honest with what they can achieve. They never over promise and under deliver.”


If you would like to know how Westbury Packaging can help your business, please contact us. To find out more about Godminster, please visit: www.godminster.com