Our latest training drive is delivering great results!

As we continue in our journey of providing a quality product to our partners we are constantly re-evaluating our processes and methods. To be able to compete at all levels we understand that our people hold the key to our success, and that for them to be the best they can be we must invest in their skills and knowledge.

During January and February, we benefited from the extensive production knowledge of Alan Millar at Acumen Consultancy. Alan gave our operators a different perspective on how to manage the production process and the results have been astounding!

Using basic Lean principles, the teams have reorganised their responsibilities during set up and running periods, delivering improved quality. At the same time, the operators gained a greater awareness of the product for our partners.

Alan will be joining the teams for 2 day sessions over the next 6 months as we strive to achieve perfection in all areas of our business.

Without our people we cannot offer the best service to our partners, without our partners we cannot continue to invest in our people. We are absolutely committed to both!