The world is changing rapidly and nothing seems to stand still. Packaging is no different in that there is always room for improvement. If you are under pressure to make your packaging cheaper, faster or better, then a general review of your packaging is a good place to start.

We take an all-encompassing approach starting with your product manufacturing right through to receiving returns back through the door. Walking the journey of your products allows us to suggest small improvements to the process that could add up to making a big difference to your bottom line.

Your priorities are personal to your business. For some, reducing cost is the major driver; for others it is increasing efficiency as you struggle to meet the rise in demand. Environmental aspects might be your main concern, but you can’t afford to price yourself out of the market.

Starting the journey…

Product manufacture

Depending on your volumes, you might be manufacturing by hand or using machinery. Making the move to machinery could mean that you can automate some of the packing process.

Product design

Small changes to the primary product packaging, can often result in significant changes to the transit packaging, resulting in cost reductions in both areas.

Product delivery

Changes in palletisation layout, optimising on stack heights, number of pallets per lorry, delivery time slots and reduction in paperwork can all lead to efficiency improvements and costs savings in the supply chain.

Product runnability or handling

By looking at board grades, considering grammage and flute types, their impact on the bendability of a corrugated pack, use of balanced liners for impact on flatness, adopting bricked bundles when using a machine erect solution, or picking the optimum flute type for best performance, can all have their impact on speed……and on the bottom line.

Product imagery

Picking the right print process, maximising the number of colours through great use of colour laydown for eye-catching images, branding the packs both on the inside as well as the outside can all lead to an exciting unpacking experience of the product (plus one eye on pennies by investing in the right printing methods).

Product filling

Selecting the right grade to optimise running speeds of the production line, choosing whether to auto-fill or hand fill, and specifying the right pack for a specific machinery type will all save time and money in the short, medium and long run.

Filled product in transit

Looking at filled product stack heights, distribution methods, other supply chain and distribution factors; as well as whether you plan to use the pack for home or export, eCommerce distribution or Retail Ready Display, the right fit-for-purpose pack is crucial for success.


Modern day retailing cannot ignore the importance of eCommerce shopping. Today, brand owners and manufacturers must consider new challenges such as the need for ease of returning of product in the post, suitability for recycling (does it pass the SUP test?), use of suitable opening and re-sealing devices, ease with which this product can be recycled all have to be taken into account when specifying your corrugated packs.

…..making your way along this journey means there is a lot to think about!

We understand the different stages of this journey, so why not entrust us with taking a look at YOUR journey and doing a general review for your business?

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help.