Once you see a well-made die-cut box, you will quickly appreciate the reason why so many brands are choosing them as their packaging of choice.

Here are a few compelling reasons for why you might wish to choose die-cut box formats:

  • Consistency – die-cut boxes are manufactured with bespoke dies so they can be assembled in exactly the same way each time, so all of your customers get the same great looking packaging, time after time after time.
  • Cost Effective – no glue, tape or staples are required to assemble die-cut boxes, in most cases. They can be specifically designed with tabs and slots to lock and secure the box.
  • Environmentally Friendly – as well as no need for additional and costly assembly materials, a die-cut box is also great for the environment as the whole box can go right back into the recycling stream. Coupled with our Carbon Neutral credentials they are a great option to consider.
  • Exact Fit – we design the packaging to fit perfectly around your product, to ensure the snuggest fit, securing your product safely inside. By potentially introducing internal die-cut fittings any shipping damage resulting in customer dissatisfaction and costly returns can be reduced, or ideally eliminated.
  • The Wow Factor – with the addition of print for your branding (and don’t forget you can print inside too!), you have the opportunity to delight your customers with great looking packaging and give them a memorable unboxing experience too! You can even use messaging to give your customers ideas on how to re-use or recycle the packaging.

We offer a huge size range. With the added bonus that great rigidity and stability of die-cut packaging means this format works really well on small or larger sized products.

Die-cut boxes give you the chance to add value to your product. Well-presented packaging can make your product stand out from the crowd. No matter what industry, what products, or how complicated your requirement, you will find we have endless packaging solutions. Take a look at some of the packs we have produced before to see the kind of results you could be achieving.

We’d love to help you find the most appropriate packaging for your product.

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